ITALIA SEGRETA – Discover the secret places of Italy



ITALIA SEGRETA  is a photographic journey through the excellences of Italy, which we will meet on the way, showing the most fascinating places to the world, to create a network of cultural, conscious, environmental friendly tourism.

Departure from Predoi (BZ) destination Lampedusa (AG).

The path is not planned but will be the result of the experiences, the flow of events, stories and encounters that will make along the way.

Daily pictures, videos and stories, will be published on a dedicated blog

We will compile during the journeys a Visual Atlas of Italy and a multimedia ebook with photos, stories and multimedia links in three languages (Italian, English and German).

We will move on a camper-media-studio between the different places and we will be flexible in movement following the events and meetings already scheduled. There is the possibilities of organizing on-site journey guided by local people (Cicerone) expert of the history, traditions and human excellences and local landscape. Contact for reservations.

Departure from Predoi (BZ) August 2014

Arrive in Lampedusa (AG) September 2015

Estimated date of release of volume in December 2015


You can pre-order your copy of the book at the special price of $129 / €94 during this 2 months of crowd funding campaign (the final cover price will be €120) saving €26.

If you want to become a technical sponsor of the project please email us at: